Network Defense

Our network defense and monitoring service is designed to prevent attacks on your network to the greatest extent practicable. First, we monitor your network and record extensive logs on all communications in and out of your systems. If we believe that an event has occurred which warrants your attention we will alert you immediately while concurrently working to remedy the situations and prevent the incident from escalating.

We monitor and examine your network 24/7/365 so you can rest assured that all incident will be handled in a timely manner, and potential damage minimized.

Penetration Testing

In addition to monitoring your network, we also perform small and large scale penetration tests on our clients’ networks to ensure that they aren’t vulnerable to newly discovered exploits. We perform this in a ‘double-blind’ manner as the network defense team is typically not aware of the impending penetration testing. This ensures that you receive a true evaluation of your network’s vulnerabilities, as well as our response rate.

We perform many different types of penetration tests for our clients and are available to work with you to find the best solution for your organization.

Data Forensics

Our data forensics practice is here to ensure that your organization is able to prove, conclusively, whether or not data exists on your systems. The information which is stored on you computers and other network connected devices is often the linchpin in determining if wrongdoing occurred. This includes your files, as well as system logs which help tell the story of how data entered or exited your systems.

All of our work is completed using forensically sound data retrieval, preservation, and access techniques to ensure that the admissibility of your data is never compromised as a result of our investigation.

Incident Response

Cyber attacks on corporate and government networks are increasing exponentially – and the damage which results is growing at an even more alarming rate. When these attacks occur, you need a team to examine the attack vectors utilized and help you determine exactly what happened, how it happened, and if possible, who undertook the attack. Let us help you respond to cyber incidents while preventing them from happening again.

Whether the attack was perpetrated by an insider or by an unknown assailant or organization, we will assist you in taking the appropriate steps to remedy the situation including working with law enforcement on your behalf.

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