Subject Matter Briefings

Below are the current subject matter briefings we can deliver to your organization. Our catalog of available sessions is expanding throughout the year so please check back regularly to find new content which may be of interest. Additionally, you may request specific subject matter briefing topics of relevance and we will develop appropriate content which will be included in the offerings below.

Introduction to Hacking

Session Title: Introduction to Hacking

Session Description: This is a general information session and contains a number of demonstrations which show how an attacker, without significant resources, can successfully perform attacks on their victim’s network. This session is a survey of different attack vectors used and does not go into significant detail on any specific methodology or attack surface.

Who Should Attend?: This session is for law enforcement professionals as well as attorneys who need to understand the basics of cybersecurity and some common threats which organizations currently face. Generally open to all, but recommended as an introductory session.

Duration: 120 minutes

Format: Lecture (Capacity: 150) or Boardroom (Capacity: 20)

Cryptography and Encryption

Session Title: Cryptography and Encryption

Session Description: This session is designed to provide law enforcement professionals with some basic insight into how encryption works, along with some history of cryptography generally. Participants will begin to understand why it is so difficult to decrypt certain communications and which tools criminals utilize to keep their data secure.

Who Should Attend?: This session is geared towards law enforcement professionals who would like to understand, at a basic level, how different encryption mechanisms work as many cases often involve some form of encrypted communication. There will be introductory elements presented here as well as some more advanced discussions. Recommended for individuals with little or no knowledge of the topic.

Duration: 60 minutes

Format: Lecture (Capacity: 150), Boardroom (Capacity: 20), or Live Webinar (Capacity: 30)

Social Engineering

Session Title: Social Engineering

Session Description: Social Engineering is the art of manipulation. This session will help you and your staff recognize what typical social engineering tactics look like, and help you identify when you are about to become the victim of an attack. Additionally, this session will help you understand why you fall victim to a previous attack and how to avoid that from happening again. Open to all.

Who Should Attend?: This session is geared towards all organizations as no one is immune from social engineering attacks. This is a critical skill set which all companies should train their workforce on as lack of training on social engineering attacks is the cause of a majority of network breaches.

Duration: 60 minutes

Format: Lecture (Capacity: 150), Boardroom (Capacity: 20), or Live Webinar (Capacity: 30)

Dark Web Basics

Session Title: Dark Web Basics

Session Description: This session gets into the details of how anonymous proxy networks such as TOR operate, in addition to the hidden services which are available when you are browsing the web through one of these proxy networks. In addition to the nefarious uses of these technologies, we will cover the benefits they provide to people and organizations around the world.

Who Should Attend?: This session is designed for law enforcement personnel and members of the media who seek understanding of how the Dark Web works, and what types of transactions transpire there. Open to all.

Duration: 60 minutes

Format: Lecture(Capacity: 150) or Live Webinar (Capacity: 50)

Software Defined Radio

Session Title: Software Defined Radio

Session Description: Interfering with radio communications may be frowned upon (or worse) by the FCC, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done with ease. Transmitting and accepting radio transmissions can now be achieved through inexpensive hardware which facilitates access to automobiles, intercepting garage door signals, shutting down drones, and even listening in on direct radio communications between parties. This session will introduce participants to the many ways radio frequencies are a threat vector to look out for.

Who Should Attend?: This session is primarily geared towards law enforcement, but is open to all organizations which utilize radio communications in their day-to-day operations. This isn’t a session to miss if you truly want to secure your environment.

Duration: 60 minutes

Format: Lecture (Capacity: 150) or Board Room (Capacity: 20)


Session Title: Cryptocurrency

Session Description: This session is all about understanding what cryptocurrency is, where it comes from, what it is used for, and why people use it. We will discuss the technology behind cryptocurrency which will allow participants to understand what the blockchian is, and why so many companies are talking about it.

Who Should Attend?: This session is for all organizations which would like to better their understanding of this technology, whether they are trying to utilize it for profit seeking ventures or investigate potential crimes. No prior knowledge of the subject matter is required.

Duration: 60 minutes

Format: Lecture (Capacity: 150) or Live Webinar (Capacity: 50)

Network Attacks

Session Title: Network Attacks

Session Description: This session provides an in depth discussion, through live demonstrations, of how systems and networks are infiltrated, and the steps involved on both sides of the attack which allowed it to occur.

Who Should Attend?: Law enforcement, network security personnel, and security personnel will benefit from this session. This will be more hands-on than the Introduction to Hacking session and is recommended for individuals with moderate technical abilities, and those who have attended our Social Engineering session.

Duration: 90 minutes

Format: Board Room (Capacity: 20)

Wireless Attacks

Session Title: Wireless Attacks

Session Description: This session goes into more detail than the Introduction to Hacking session and explains why certain wireless protocols have failed over the years and how strong current implementations truly are.

Who Should Attend?: This session is useful to anyone who has attended our Introduction to Hacking session and wants to learn more about this topic. It is helpful, but not necessary, to have a basic knowledge of encryption or attend our Cryptography and Encryption session prior to participating.

Duration: 60 Minutes

Format: Board Room (Capacity: 20)

Introduction to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Session Title: Introduction to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Session Description: This session focuses on how ‘the cloud’ has been implemented by organizations around the world, what impact it has on their data and operations, and what security and legal risks they may face through the use of borrowed infrastructure. Whether an organization has decided to work with Amazon Web Service (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, or one of many other providers, they face similar risks which they should understand before making that decision.

Who Should Attend?: This session is for law enforcement personnel, attorneys, and corporate IT staff who want to understand the implications of using public cloud infrastructure as a service.

Duration: 60 minutes

Format: Lecture (Capacity: 150) or Live Webinar (Capacity: 50)


Session Title: Microcontrollers

Session Description: This session focuses on various types of microcontrollers (Raspberry Pi, Arduino, etc.), what they can be used for, and what implications they have from the perspective of network security. As a means of bringing your own Internet of Things device to life, its essential to understand how to properly implement security into your design. This session is hands-on and involves physical hardware, some electrical engineering, and basic coding.

Who Should Attend?: This session is great for advanced network security personnel who want to think outside the box. Law enforcement is encouraged as well as the price and complexity of these devices continues to drop and their use continues to increase.

Duration: 60 minutes

Format: Boardroom (Capacity: 20)

Attacking Web Applications

Session Title: Attacking Web Applications

Session Description:  This session focuses on one of the largest and most visible attack surfaces currently available – Web Applications. These systems are currently used world-wide as both internal portals and customer facing applications. With direct access to substantial customer and corporate data, its essential to ensure that your web applications are truly secure.

Who Should Attend?: This session is great for network security personnel, in addition to law enforcement. A moderate level of programming ability will provide you with the most effective and productive session.

Duration: 60 minutes

Format: Lecture (Capacity: 150) or Live Webinar (Capacity: 30)

Network Defense

Session Title: Network Defense

Session Description: This session is all about techniques and technologies which can be used to minimize your organization’s attack surface and help prevent an unwanted intrusion. While it is impossible to guarantee that all attacks can ever be prevented, this session will help you harden your systems to reduce a likely attack on your network.

Who Should Attend?: This session is great for network security personnel, as well as policy makers and members of the media who seek to understand defensive techniques in network security.

Duration: 60 minutes

Format: Lecture (Capacity: 150), Boardroom (Capacity: 20), or Live Webinar (Capacity: 30)

Incident Response

Session Title: Incident Response

Session Description: Your system was just attacked – now what do you do? We will present best practices in ensuring that the damage to your systems, both short and long term, is minimized. Additionally, we will discuss some tips on ensuring that you don’t inadvertently destroy valuable evidence which could have been used to find the culprit.

Who Should Attend?: This session is useful for network security personnel as well as law enforcement so best practices can be shared between the public and private sectors.

Duration: 60 minutes

Format: Boardroom (Capacity: 20)

Data Forensics

Session Title: Data Forensics

Session Description: This session will help you understand the proper means and methods of capturing and analyzing system data in a forensically sound way. When a system is compromised, there is a lot of useful data which may be lost if not handled properly. We help you understand what to do – and what not to do – when you have a system which needs to be analyzed.

Who Should Attend?: This session is ideal for corporate IT professionals, as well as law enforcement from departments which may not have their own cyber-crime lab available to them.

Duration: 90 minutes

Format: Boardroom (Capacity: 20)

Physical Security

Session Title: Physical Security

Session Description: Many organizations have different departments managing their physical and network security – that is a mistake. The physical security of your facility directly impacts your network security and as such, this session is designed to teach network security personnel a thing or two about physical security to help them keep their assets truly secure. This session will be hands-on with some fun tools to help you understand how different types of locks and other security hardware actually work.

Who Should Attend?: This session is for network security personnel who want to better understand how physical security impacts their operations.

Duration: 90 minutes

Format: Boardroom (Capacity: 20)

Hunting for Exploits

Session Title: Hunting for Exploits

Session Description: How do hackers and security researchers find exploits in applications? Our Hacking Web Applications session discuses web-based programs, but what about other software packages which you install on your devices? Here, we discuss and explore the ways which exploits are found and how these ‘zero-day’ exploits are utilized before a patch is made available.

Who Should Attend?: This session is great for network security personnel or law enforcement personnel with a high degree of technical know-how.

Duration: 90 minutes

Format: Boardroom (Capacity: 20)

Continuing Education

In addition to providing the Subject Matter Briefings mentioned above, we have the ability to provide Continuing Legal Education credits for these briefings to ensure that your organization is getting the best return on their investment.

Please contact us for more details so we can discuss your specific requirements.

Customized Solutions

We work closely with law enforcement organizations including police and prosecutors’ offices, as well as law firms, accountants, auditors, and other professional organizations which need to understand cybersecurity matters at a deeper level.

We are happy to create additional course content and formats at your request to ensure that your team is provided with the most relevant information to suit their unique needs.

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