workplace investigations

Workplace Investigations

The proper management of workplace complaints can mean the difference between simple termination and a large settlement to an aggrieved former employee.

Credible. Relevant.

When a workplace complaint is made – a violation of alcohol and drug use policies or a claim of discrimination, for example – it is crucial that investigators have no stake in the outcome of the matter to ensure that you are truly obtaining a reliable and impartial assessment. Serious negative consequences are all too common when a staff member or in-house counsel attempts such reviews.

We conduct workplace investigations throughout New York City, Westchester, and Long Island. Utilizing our legal expertise as well as the resources of KLC Security Concepts, we compile and document all relevant facts. If appropriate, we speak with witnesses and those knowledgeable about the matter.

Depending on the scope of the issue, we conduct a full forensic analysis of data relevant to the situation. The report we develop, as well as our testimony when required, provides you with credible, relevant facts and analysis to support appropriate conclusions.